Fife Health and Social Care Partnership (FHSCP) Strategic Plan states that we are “committed to promoting dignity, equality, and independence for the people of Fife” and this is reflected in the supporting strategies making certain that there will be a continuous endeavour to collaborate effectively with multiple groups including local communities and partners, to contest causes of inequality such as discrimination and oppression, and to champion “equality of opportunity for all”.

The modelling of equality or indeed equity, must begin with our workforce, and while sufficient policies are in place across different employers within Fife Health and Social Care Partnership, the ability to link policies into practice and culture, is a challenge that sits beyond usual approaches to communication. This was highlighted in feedback from various partners across the system and is further echoed in national research.

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Equality, as defined by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, involves ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to maximise their potential and pursue their talents, and it rejects the idea that anyone should face limited life choices based on factors such as their birth circumstances, background, or personal characteristics.

Fife’s health and social care workforce is diverse, we understand the importance of celebrating and valuing the diversity individuals bring, everyone has a part in creating an inclusive workplace culture and making advancements in equality. The goal is to establish workplaces and cultures that foster a sense of safety, belonging, and empowerment for everyone, enabling them to reach their fullest potential.

We must foster a culture of belonging, where the intersectionality across our workforce is advocated, acknowledged, and celebrated. Nationally it is emphasised that ‘high-quality care requires high-quality workplaces’ (Department of Health and Social Care, 2021). Aligning locally, Fife Health and Social Care Partnership’s 5 Equality Outcomes clearly identify the aspirations of Fife Health and Social Care Partnership.

We have Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group that are working to an Interim Workplan is the first step in a road map to achieving these ambitions. This work will support the Group to gather sufficient information from our workforce to inform a longer-term Fife Health and Social Care Partnership Action Plan for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Action Plan for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.